LOCAL 1085

Legal Rights

Labor Relations.  The rights of public employees in New Jersey to be represented by a union and to present grievances to management are set forth in the Employer-Employee Relations Act (EERA). The EERA also guarantees the right of unions to negotiate terms and conditions of employment. The law is enforced by the Public Employment Relations Commission, or PERC. The agency's website provides access to administrative rules and decisions, along with a library of public sector contracts.

Civil Service.  Most public employees in New Jersey (depending on the employer) are subject to the Civil Service Service Act, which is administered by the Civil Service Commission. The CSC website includes job descriptions, examination announcements, minutes of Commission meetings, and a complete set of Civil Services rules.

Pensions.  Most members of Local 1085 are covered by the state Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). The pension system is administered by the Division of Pensions and Benefits, which provides extensive information about rules and procedures.

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