LOCAL 1085


CWA Local 1085 covers approximately 1500 public employees in Gloucester County, Salem County, and Vineland, New Jersey. Our members include county workers, state judiciary workers, and municipal employees. Some provide health or social services, while others maintain our highways, parks, and public buildings. Members also work in the court system, serve as 911 dispatchers, respond to medical emergencies, provide animal control services, maintain public records, and provide housing, transportation, and economic development services.

We are part of the Communications Workers of America, one of the strongest and most respected labor unions in the AFL-CIO. We take pride in representing our members, whether in the workplace, at the bargaining table, or in the community.

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Local 1085 is governed by its members through regular membership meetings and through its elected officers. The President oversees the day-to-day business of the Local, negotiates contracts, handles grievances and appeals, and supervises the officers, stewards, and staff. The President, Executive Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer are all elected at large. In addition, the Local's leadership includes various Vice Presidents and Chief Stewards, who represent their respective bargaining units. Together these officers constitute the Local Executive Board, which meets monthly to conduct Local business.

  • Legislative-Political Action
  • Health & Safety
  • Activities
  • Community Service
  • Equity
  • Education
  • Organizing
  • Election
  • Health & Safety Salem
  • Finance
  • By-Laws 
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