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The union contract provides important rights to you as an employee, including salary, sick and vacation leave, health insurance, and many other guarantees and protections. One key provision is the requirement that management have just cause in order to discipline employees. Union members should study their contract and become familiar with it.

As a general rule, contractual rights are enforced through the grievance procedure. Grievances are typically handled by a local officer, steward or staff representative.

As employees--and especially as public employees--members of Local 1085 have many legal rights in addition to those provided by the union contract. These rights are set forth in various state and federal laws and regulations. Local 1085 is able to provide extensive information about labor and employment rights and in many cases can assist employees in enforcing those rights. The following are some important sources of legal rights.  Read more >>>

The union has expertise in handling grievances and employment-related matters such as Civil Service appeals or charges filed with PERC. In most cases union officers, staff, or stewards will provide representation. When necessary, CWA will provide a union attorney, especially if a case must go to court.

However, in cases where the union is not involved, employees may need to hire an attorney themselves. 

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