LOCAL 1085

Membership Benefits

By far the most important benefit of union representation is the opportunity to participate in your union--to attend meetings, provide input, vote on contracts, elect officers, and serve as stewards, officers, or committee members.

In addition, members are eligible for various programs and services as summarized below.

Union Plus offers a wide variety of benefits to union members, including credit cards, mortgage loans, travel and entertainment, AT&T Wireless discounts, and many others.

American Income Life Insurance

CWA Local 1085 has a policy through the American Income Life Insurance Co. which insures Local members and retirees for up to $4,000 in case of accidental death or dismemberment. In case of death, benefits are paid to the estate or to a beneficiary selected by the insured member. The company also sells life insurance directly to union members. The agent to contact is Brenda DiSomma, at (908) 227-9520.

Legal Services

For legal services outside the union's scope of representation, members of Local 1085 may use participating attorneys in the Union Plus program or the firm of Stark & Stark. Click here for information.

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