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Verizon Workers Blast Company’s Corporate Greed in New TV Ad
Frustrated with the unproductive pace of negotiations towards a new contract for 39,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia, the Communications Workers of America has launched a regional TV and digital ad buy calling the nation's 16th largest company "the poster child for corporate greed."

CWA e-Newsletter: Mar. 10, 2016
NJ State Workers Vote Dues Increase to Fund Campaign for Secure Pensions; Bargaining Update; Sanders Wins Michigan Primary; Democracy Update; and more.

NJ State Workers Vote Dues Increase to Fund Campaign for Secure Pensions
CWA state workers in the executive branch in New Jersey voted overwhelmingly to finance a constitutional amendment campaign to secure public workers' pensions and hold elected officials accountable.

Bargaining Update
Solidarity in Halifax, Strike Enters Seventh Week; Workers Gain Tentative Agreement at Comcast; District 6 Mobility Workers to Vote on Tentative Agreement

Sanders Win Michigan Primary
Strong and consistent opposition to free trade deals that offshore workers' jobs and destroy their communities was how Senator Bernie Sanders overcame misleading polls to win the Michigan Democratic primary on March 8.

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