LOCAL 1085

Recent News

The CWA 1085 Youth Organization Grant is our local’s effort to give back to our supporting members and their families. Through our collective efforts, we are honored to be able to make available, each year, $5,000 worth of grant money to local youth organizations, in the form of ten grants for $500 each. It is our desire to help financially bolster these organizations, whether they are sports leagues, scouting troops, creative organizations, or anywhere in between, to partner in building a better future for our local youths.

Local 1085 is governed by its members through regular membership meetings and through its elected officers. The President oversees the day-to-day business of the Local, negotiates contracts, handles grievances and appeals, and supervises the officers, stewards, and staff. The President, Executive Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer are all elected at large. In addition, the Local's leadership includes various Vice Presidents and Chief Stewards, who represent their respective bargaining units.